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Can you fall in love with someone you've never spoken to or properly met?

Just curious. My sister insists you can since she is 'in love' with a a bloke at college who she has never talked to nor has she actually met him. But she 'observes' the poor guy and knows him pretty well. Is it possible to fall in love like that? This has been going on for about half the year by the way. I don't think she is obsessed because she doesn't talk about him to anybody but me, but its kind of intrigued me.

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    Its falling inlike with someone. Maybe she saw somethingntonthe guy that she adored but I think the feeling is just too shallow.

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    I'm confused because your name is Jack; are you a male or female? Doesn't really matter I guess, I'm just curious. Anyways, people who want to be in love bad enough will find a way to love the first person who they may be able to have an intimate relationship with. You've never hung out with him, and he actually kind of annoys you when you speak online, yet your in love? Infatuation, curiosity, intrigue at best. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't give him a chance, but keep your expectations realistic. You may very well get to know him better and not like him the way you thought you did. Or, you may really fall in love with him. Right now it's too early to really know, though.

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    Well... If she only observes him, it may be possible that she fell in love with his appearance, or the way he acts in public, or his personal prefferences he shows in public more often. It's the simple things that attract us to people, you know? The way somebody walks, the way he/she leans to take something he/she dropped... Things like that :)

    My personal opinion is that when somebody tells you he/she's in love, you shouldn't contradict her because she is the only one who knows what feelings she comes across when she sees him.

    If she truly likes this guy, tell her to try to talk to him. Just after she truly meets him, she will know if she loves him. It can be possible that, once she talks to him, he will do something that will completely change her opinion on him and her 'love feelings' will just Poof! Vanish.

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    Not properly, no. That's merely fantasizing over what they think that person is like.

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    Pornstars do it all the time.

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    yes if she has heard enough about him!

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    no, it never happens

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