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I need help with translating from english to vietnamese from a native speaker! Urgent!?

Hi, I need help to translate the below paragraph from english to vietnamese. It's for a girl that I like and she's leaving for her studies overseas in a few days!

I fell in love with you. I'm sorry if that makes you feel awkward. Since the day I met you, I cannot eat, cannot sleep without thinking about you. More importantly, I did not lie to you when I said you are an angel to me.

Do you like me? I just want to know the truth, nothing more. Please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance!

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    Anh yêu em từ khi anh gặp em. Nhiều lời xin lỗi nếu sự kiện này làm em khó chiụ. Từ khi anh gặp em, không có một giấc ngủ nào, không có một bữa ăn nào anh không nghĩ về em. Anh không đùa khi anh gọi em là thiên thần trên trái đất.

    Em có yêu em không? Anh chỉ cần lời thật thôi.


    The amount of cheesiness is off the charts. These are like the lines that begin a bad asian drama xD

    Since she's Viet (I'm going to assume this), she may or may not take it seriously because of the high levels of cheesiness. You better know what you're doing.

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