Is Ghost Adventures Real?

I think its an interesting show but u never really see a Full Body or Ghost Appearance, like you might see some shodows or figures but never a person..

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  • 7 years ago
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    Shows like that are usually dramatised and almost always list themselves as entertainment in their credits (in other words disclaiming that they're real).

    The fact they've never caught any real evidence on film after so many shows and locations tells you it's not really genuine.

    The cast and crew, or sometimes even actors, are used to create the phenomena you see in the show.

    A famous example of 'faked' paranormal shows like this is Most Haunted from the UK. The makers were caught off guard faking things several times and eventually the show - which used to be really big - was cancelled; because people felt angry they'd been taken in by it.

    A good way to think of these shows is like this: if they really had found indisputable evidence that ghosts were real, it would be on a major news network, not a backwater 'infotainment' channel.

  • 7 years ago

    Hi there,I don't know much about tv shows but I do know that ghosts are real...back in the 1990s I was living in a nurses home at the hospital I was working in...after we were all evicted,so it could be demolished to make way for another building I took a photo of one of the rooms I'd stayed in. When I took the photo, I was the only person around...but when the photo was developed there was the face & an arm of a woman in the window. Also I've seen a ghost on one of the wards I was working on,I've also met people (not just from the hospital)who've seen ghosts as well.So long story short,ghosts do exist.

  • 6 years ago

    And batman is real too thay made movies of him!!!!! Morron

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