Is this the most ridiculous Abaya ever (UAE)?

I was once walking in a mall in Dubai and this I guess Arab expat woman was walking in front of me wearing a strange designer Abaya with a bunch of "4x2 wooden beam" holes & a fat jiggly belt thing a round her butt that looked like a radial tire that made her look ridiculous & made her waste look bigger.

I just couldn't stop laughing at that funny sight. What was that woman thinking , did she make that Abaya in some kind of autoshop garage where carpenters hang out ..



As usual your double standard shows . I did not mean to look at her but she walked in front of me in a public place. Nothing unusual about that , but what was unusual is what she was wearing which caught everybody's attention including other women laughed at her not just I.

Emirati men are allowed to size up someone else's butt.

Update 2:


I said that tire thing she was wearing made her butt look ridiculous , she was not naked, she was wearing regular dress under the Abaya , I did not "size up" any thing other than the funny looking Abaya. Since when is that a sin or a crime, you are the last person to start giving fatwas here.

Update 3:


You miss the point , I was not making fun of her for being Arab , rather for the ridiculous looking Abaya she probably made herself.

QUOTE " making fun of her is not in accordance with Islamic laws and that of the Emirates. No man is allowed to do that. END

Again , like I told Nazia I was not making fun of her but of the Abaya (the clothing). I did not take any picture nor tell a name or country (I just said "I guess Arab"). You are not to lecture me on the rest as looking at people in public places is NOT against Islamic laws or any UAE laws (where did you get that nonsense?). If she did not want people to look she shouldn't have come to the mall in the first place.

QUOTE "Your question has been reported for trolling. "END

Thanks , good luck with that ;)

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  • H
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    7 years ago
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    Whoa, men have to walk around being blindfolded? Does really anybody think that a woman wears an attention catching Abaya because she doesn't want to receive looks? If not, she would wear a simple black one.

    "None of your business". I love these double standarts thinking about when a pierced Arab woman was spotted catching Nazia's attentention so she had to mention it.

    Back to your question: never saw an Abaya like the mentioned.

    @Nazia: of course you can take pics of Emirati girls/women. Simply ask for permission first.

    @Levi's: If you think that the asker is a troll, then you don't know what a troll is.

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  • @Nazia and others : wom question is legite he said nothing wrong. Would you laugh at an expat in Pakistan wearing the asain dress in a particular way? I think yes I would, same applies to wom question dear :)

    I don't know why everyone is arguing.

    If you see something out of the extraordinary, of course you will look. Firstly the Abaya is worn for Islam not a fashion accessory.

    Secondly I would of looked and smiled, as I would of found it strange to see such a different looking abaya.

    We all have different perceptions, and should accept, But not laugh.

    Maybe that expat was trying to jazz it up. Never know some emirati woman would of liked it.

  • Nazia
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    7 years ago

    And Emirati males look like they will lead Jamat prayers even in cars, malls and airports.

    None of your business. That was her choice of clothing . She did not tell you to look at her and size her up.

    Foreign men are not allowed to look at Arab women or take their pictures but Emirati men are allowed to size up someone else's butt. Way to go my Arab country....

    @H:@WOM -- It is time for both of you to get married unofficially. Salam

    @WOM - Emirati men look like some cartoon characters in their traditional dress. And I find that funny. Question is, will you stop wearing your traditional dress just because someone else finds it quite funny? So why should anyone else need to get permission from outsiders when it comes to choosing clothes? If she was comfortable in her choice of clothing, you and other women could go and **** camel's cock for all she could care.

    Next time instead of becoming a moral police please act like a normal human being.

    edit:@wom -- Please watch this video from 7 minutes onwards. I found her eyebrows such a big eyesore. I found it very funny. What is your opinion about her eyebrows?

    Youtube thumbnail

    @Levis -- I fully agree with you.

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