How to get a famous person go follow you on twitter?

There's a band that is just beginning to get famous. They're on their first tour but are definitely not considered household names yet. From 1-10 on fame I'd say they're like. 4-5.

Anyway I want one of the guys to follow me on twitter. I won't be able to see them in concert for at least 6 months since they'll be on the east coast so seeing them in person is not an option. A lot of people say I should just tweet., re-tweet, and message him often. But I want the him to follow me as just a regular person, not some crazed fan. What should I do?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    For him to follow you, he'll firstly have to notice you! It's the right move to tweet him/ re-tweet him often, but don't over do it and come across as annoying/creepy etc.

    If he doesn't have a lot of followers it'll be a lot easier to achieve the follow! Don't tweet him crazy "AAHHHH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SJDJDKHD" stuff if you want him to follow you as a "regular person". Try to think of witty responses to his tweets. Make him laugh. Keep the normality levels upright and ask him questions that he'll feel abliged to answer. If his career is just starting off I'm sure he'll appreciate you no matter what! :-)

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