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Should I be worried about my dog?

He ate almost a full bag of hershey kisses and it was almost two weeks ago nothing happened when I took him outside to go to the bathroom I checked his stool and I saw the foil and he had the runs but now he's fine and plus he didn't throw up at all please answer I'm starting to worry, thanks.

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    It's more often the long-term effect (getting into chocolate regularly) that causes the toxic build up. Some small dogs, getting into lots, may collapse, but if your dog didn't then this will just have to work through his system. Yes, most will have diarrhoea if they eat enough.

    ps It's the dark chocolate that's the most dangerous to dogs.

    Add Only treat this (peroxide down his throat) IF the vet has advised this. You could do more harm, than good.

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    Well, since you didn't rush him to the vet the damage is all ready done. Dark chocolate is highly toxic. I'm assuming it was the milk chocolate. As I understand it, chocolate actually absorbs in the system somehow. I mean, say, if he ate chocolate over a period of time, it actually builds up in his system. It can cause seizures, especially in older dogs. And, can also cause diabetes. Of course, they can get those problems anyway, but the chocolate could push it right along. (If that makes sense)

    If you ever catch him again in chocolate, either rush him to vet or fight with him trying to give him hydrogen peroxide in order to induce vomiting. Need to ask a vet how much. Never just ignore it. It could be life threatening.

    Source(s): Personal experience with chocolate eating dogs.
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    If he hasn't had any sort of bad reaction by now, then he probably won't. Seems like it's all out of his system. My dogs have eaten their fair share of everything they shouldn't before, and they were fine. One time my dog broke into our pantry and ate two huge Symphony chocolate bars and it didn't affect her one bit. I stayed up all night watching her and she was totally not phased at all. Her stomach wasn't even upset. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    Source(s): Raised dogs my whole life
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    Two weeks ago. Forget about it . But don't give him any more chocolate. If he eats any more he will reach the chocOlate saturation level in. His blood stream and his heart will race and. He will DIE. No. More chocolate ever. You are. Very lucky he did not stroke out on you. Hope this helps woof woof!

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    its out of his body now, so there is nothing to worry about

    BUT if he eats a lot of chocolate again, put peroxide down his throat, it will make him throw it up

    (We had to do this to my dog, this is what our vet told us to do)

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