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What is the name of this movie?

So I've had this movie on my mind for a while now. I only saw a little bit of it and that was quite a while ago. All I can remember is the beginning (at least I think it's the beginning). A whole bunch of

unborn children (yet they all look at least 7 or older) are in some kind of room. And they are chosen as to which ones are going to be born to which parents (and the mother is usually right in the middle of giving birth. And when they walk into some kind of door of light, they automatically come out of the mother as babies. But one child is not so sure about going through with and tells one of the guidance people (I think). Then he follows one of people into a door and come out into New York (I think). And that's all I got. I tried being really descriptive enough; I hope I was. I'd really appreciate the help.


Don't know if this helps any, but the unborn children seemed to be wearing sweater vests from what I can remember.

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