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US army Unit Patches?

As an Army Veteran, am I authorized to wear a patch from a favorite unit that I served in, or does it have to be the last unit in which I served? Stupid question, I know. However, I like my Korean units patch more than my current Airborne units patch.


@ Steve, you're sadly misinformed. As long as you received an Honorable Discharge, you're authorized to wear your uniform whenever you want.

Update 2:

@ Kevin, whatever you say, dude. I don't know wear you gentlemen are getting your info from, but after asking a LtCol who works for my city about it, he gave me a completely different answer, so.....

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    AR 670-1. 30-4.

    edit because I'm bored:

    30–4. Wear of the uniform by former members of the Army

    a. Unless qualified under another provision of this regulation, or under the provisions of section 772, title 10, United States Code (10 USC 772), former members of the Army may wear the uniform if they served honorably during a declared or undeclared war, and if their most recent service was terminated under honorable conditions. Personnel who qualify under these conditions will wear the Army uniform in the highest grade they held during such war service, in accordance with 10 USC 772.

    b. The uniform is authorized for wear only for the following ceremonial occasions, and when traveling to and from the ceremony or function. Uniforms for these occasions are restricted to service and dress uniforms; the BDU and physical fitness uniforms will not be worn.

    (1) When attending military funerals, memorial services, weddings, inaugurals, and other occasions of ceremony.

    (2) When attending parades on national or state holidays, or other patriotic parades or ceremonies in which any active or reserve United States military unit is taking part. Wear of the Army uniform at any other time, or for any other purpose than stated above, is prohibited

    Make sure you read that last line there. In addition. In paragraph 30-3 speaking of retirees, they are required to wear a special patch denoting their retired status in lieu of a unit patch. While not specifically stated for those wanting to wear the uniform who have not retired, it is implied that you wear NO unit patch as you are no longer assigned to any unit. Also it is implied that you must be a Veteran of a War to wear it. Although the wording is kind of loose.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
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    I'm sorry to inform you but that LtCol. was WRONG! You MUST adhere to Federal law (10 USC, 772), as well as AR670-1 30-4 (provided by Wraeth). According to Federal law (10 USC, 772) you can only wear the uniform during certain events, unless you are a CMoH recipient. ONLY a CMoH is allowed to wear their uniforms at their leisure, and even then they MUST be in compliance with AR670-1! According to Federal law (10 USC, 772) you are ONLY allowed to wear the uniform, in its entirety, as you did at the time of separation...meaning you can't go off and mix match unit patches because "I like them more"! Perhaps you should go read up on Federal law (10 USC, 772), as well as AR670-1 30-4 to avoid wearing your uniform when and where it is inappropriate, as well as knowing how to wear it properly as a Veteran! Steve was partially correct, YOU are entirely WRONG! "As long as you received an Honorable Discharge, you're authorized to wear your uniform whenever you want." WRONG WRONG OH SO FREAKING WRONG! ONLY a recipient of the CMoH is allowed to wear the uniform at their leisure, EVERYONE ELSE MUST ABIDE BY Federal law (10 USC, 772)!!!!!!!! Jump off your high horse bud, you're trying to tell people they're wrong when you don't even know what laws are applicable to the question you're asking....seems pretty ignorant!

    Source(s): Army Veteran well versed in Federal law (10 USC, 772) as well as AR670-1!!!!
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    I retire here in a month after 25 years of service. My uniform will go into a cedar chest never to be worn again.

    I find it odd all of these people who feel the need to wear uniform after they are out.

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    A veteran and you don't know the answer. No, you don't wear it whenever you want.

    Really, so you can where your utility uniform from your era to a club anytime you want!

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    So, if your LtCol told you, why are you asking and arguing about it here?

    Wraeth gave you the regulations that you cold have looked up yourself.

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    You are not allowed wear your uniform after you leave active service.

    Source(s): VA
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