What should i do with my pervert dad ?

Hey all , my story might be little shocking . Please read it and help me . I am from Asia but i don't want to mention my country either over here . My dad is the greatest pervert anyone can imagine . He is in a socially respectable position with good reputation of character at office and outside but he is hell bent in showing his perversion onto me which i realized only six months back . I would say he is v intelligent .

Right from childhood i was very uneasy with him around . I think he was waiting for me to attain puberty .

---> Once i misplaced my passport size photo while he was filling the form , he shouted with rage asking have u inserted it somewhere ( double dirty Intender ) ?

---> I had small breasts and that was a troubling discussion at home esp between my mom and grandmother , he once was watching tv and suddenly turned towards me and looked at my breasts and gave a sad sign leaving a non verbal message that it is very small.

--- > Then after few years once he tool my clothes from terrace and came towards me and gave my inners to me .

---> Once i was trying to unknot some he came from no where to help me and hit he hard on my chest during that process , maybe he wanted to feel it .

----> When i put on a paunch , he called me and told repeatedly to reduce my tummy

----> My brother was in love with a girl and she was a bulky female , he used to comment about her to me saying that girl is fat and healthy ( focussing on the body ) and good looking.

----> Once i was sitting on the bed and cleaning the cupboard , accidentally i was sitting on his mobile , he didnt ask me to get up rather he inserted his hands to take it so that he can feel the private part with his index finger .

----> After 2 years , i forgot about that stuff , and we were discussing some religious topic , he mentioned about some temple and showed me that temple in the internet , to my horror that temple had many tall nude statues sitting on the in a very awkward position . I think he purposefully showed me that temple .

Only then i realized that he took the mobile also purposefully and also the other stuff i had mentioned above. Till then i was thinking everything was just accident . Now i have understood that he has been sexually abusing me . I immediately checked the bathroom and Bero for hidden camera . Fortunately there was none .

Now what should i do .? If i tell this at home , my mom's heart will be shattered and so my brother's .

I should try to be away and so keep my children away from him in the future if they are female . I am not able to find a way to stop him . He finds out some creative intelligent way to abuse me or to feel my breast . He hasn't done anything while i was asleep.


hi all

Please read the last but second point

'Once i was sitting on the bed and cleaning the cupboard , accidentally i was sitting on his mobile , he didn't ask me to get up rather he inserted his hands to take it so that he can feel the private part with his index finger . ' I have mentioned about him touching my vagina .

He showed me nude photos of female goddess and when i was in teenage he tried to feel my breast . I don't know what sort of abuse this is .

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  • 7 years ago
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    you really think that? i guess, he doesnt have the slightest idea that you'd be an FBI agent for accidental accident, that happened , well , years ago. i presume youre a teenager and all that happened in your childhood. at the end of the day, hes youre father.c'mon

  • 7 years ago

    From what i read, i do not see any signs of sexual abuse.

    Taking you clothes, hitting you, commenting on another girls looks saying shes unhealthy, telling you to reduce your tummy, going to temples (places to practice religion) with nude statues is not sexual abuse at all lol

    Unless he physically touched you to gratify some sexual way, vagina, legs, rubbing his hand on you up and down, penetration, etc, that is sexual abuse.

  • 7 years ago

    It is very minor and somewhat innocent. There are lots abuses in the world and you should be grateful that you are not bead up or real sex abuse.

    Anyway, if you don't like something like being shown temple things, say it firmly.

  • 7 years ago

    I think the best way to go is unfortunately tell you mum or expose him next time he does something disturbing like this or else he may go extreme next time... if he keeps getting away with this he will keep doing it so the only way is to confront him or tell your mum.. hope i helped, good luck x

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  • Ann
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    7 years ago

    Call DSS and tell them you are being abused. You really are or is there any other people you can live with? Can you take being in a foster home.?

  • 7 years ago

    How the hell is that sexual abuse? He never touched you lol (hitting you) is not sexual abuse, thats called child abuse... not sexual abuse.... 2 different things.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    your just thinking too much! he is just your dad!

  • 7 years ago

    it doesnt call sexual avuse...

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