My gangster boyfriend came yesterday evening?

i need help again im scared and very sad, my boyfriend that i stated in my previous question came yesterday coincidently after my parents create a wireless access. at first my maid told me that he came to see me but my parents heard then my mum wont let me see him :( i feel sad..they locked me up in my room..and i was crying..what happened next was that i heard my dad screaming at him and it was a very mean and harsh word like he called him pig,and distance himself from me..and i ordered my maid and driver to defend him if my dad ever trying to touch was worse scenario when my dad spit at his face and calling him names and a racist stance that insult chinese modesty. i feel so sad when my dad did that to him because i really love him :'(. and my mom insult him with pride how he deserve that treatment.i really want to contact my boyfriend again but i dont have my phone with me bcuz my dad kept it to restrained me from having contact with him again. i feel sad please help..even animals didnt want to be treated that way,what i scared the most is what if he took it the wrong way that i was following my parents side and worse what if he had that grudge even to our innocent one at home after my dad did that to him. what i was shocked is that he was just stand still crying when my dad pushed him against the wall, i feel like i want to make him invisible so my dad cant see him. again, im sorry for my bad english..i cant really write well when im upset like this.


Its not a troll question, please take it seriously, i dont trust my friend about this cuz its very complicated.

Update 2:

were both asians, its really hurt when my dad did that to him. how does it feels like if my dad is insulted that way and insulting his own race. it really hurts me

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    7 years ago
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    Is this a troll question?

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