Can someone please help ASAP English?

What is the best antonym( the word or phrase most nearly opposite the words in uppercase.

1. Thier PATRONAGE of the arts

A- a support for

B- opposition to

C- advertisement

D- festival of

E- interest

2. To FRATERNIZE with the enemies

A- trade

B- talk

C- refuse to socialize

D- become brothers

E- make peace

3. The UXORIOUS husband

A- overbearing

B- supportive

C- humane

D- monogamous

E- faithful


A- familiar

B- flattering

C- scornful

D- charming

E- misanthropic

What is the best synonym( the word or phrase most nearly the same as the world in uppercase.

5. Hatched in a high protein MATRIX

A- environment

B- bottle

C- substitute

D- progeny

E- gas

6. The PATRIARCH of the village

A- leader

B- progenitor

C- patriot

D- teacher

E- patron

7. Ancipated Thier MATRICULATION

A- grades

B- suspension

C- awards

D- enrollment

E- arrival

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  • 7 years ago

    B, c, a, b, a, a, d


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