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is this normal for my kitten to do?

I just got a kitten, he is 3 months old, and i have had him for 5 days now, he is so sweet, and loves to cuddle and play with yarn and balls, he is neutered, and not UPTD on shots but we have to take him this week, well he is very nice and good with my 2 yr old nephew , but about twice a day he will run really fast (not pouncing or after anything) through the hallway in & out of my room and then he will run up to you and stop at your feet and if you slightly move he will run away into the living room. as if he wants you to chase him, also while he is in this mood, he will sometimes pounce at my feet under the blanket, (when im trying to sleep) and his claws hurt, and when he is playing wth his yarn or ball, he will stop look at my leg and pounce on my leg. is he playing? cause he doesnt act mean, and at night when im trying to sleep after he is done pouncing on my feet, he will lay at the end of my bed and go to sleep, and when im sitting in my room during the day, he will come uo to me and cuddle and make me rub his head, until he falls alseep then he sleeps most of the day. he eats fine and sleeps fine its just the running and pouncing on me that worries me, other than that he is a perfect cat. my mom says he is most likely just playing, and he is also the first cat i have ever had, so maybe i just dont know what is normal for a kittens behavior.

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    Yes, this is normal.

    Kittens are building up their muscles and love to run for short time periods and then will calm down.

    Kittens love playing and love to be cuddled and patted when they are sleepy. Make sure not to pat a cat when it is playing or eating, or you will be bitten.

    Cats will play hunt and run around, it's normal.

    Around breakfast and dinner time, run your cat around for a few minutes and then feed him/her, if possible. The cat wants to earn it's food.

    Good luck, you seem like a good owner that wants to learn. I love that.

    I've owned cats for years and have recently started watching 'My cat from hell' on Animal Planet. I always learn something even though I've never owned a bad cat. Animals aren't bad. Some owners on the other hand... lol.

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    Yes Indeed - it is absolutely normal for kittens to act this way. In fact, we've observed over the years kittens don't need the training to hunt from their mothers you would see on a TV Nature show. Cats have innate personality characteristics that compels them to practice 'hunting' from a very young age. Additionally they need lots of exercise to develop & grow, fine tuning their muscle control etc.

    When your kitten runs up to you - then runs away, he's playing cat & mouse.

    What we did with our kittens the first few months was gently clipped their nails to avoid the numerous scratches that resulted from playing with our hands & arms. This stopped once we let them outdoors, as cats need their nails to defend themselves (and to escape up tree's etc when being chased by dogs or other animals etc.)

    What I recommend is you find a small room you can put your kitten in during the night time if he keeps you away (or wakes you up regularly.) At this age, and since you've had him less than a week, if you put him in a laundry room, or a large pantry etc with a folded blanket on the floor, and his kitty litter, you'll save yourself many sleepless nights in the near future.

    Our newest kitten (now a cat) is 18 months old, and very active (both in and outdoors.)

    We often put him in our laundry room (where his litter is) during the night time if he gets too active & runs up & down the house keeping us awake.

    The moment we put him in there, he feels grounded, and doesn't make a peep until we let him out around 7:00 AM in the morning.

    You'll have many years of love with this kitten - enjoy :& have fun!!

    Source(s): Several kittens over the years.
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    Perfectly normal, in fact if a young cat did not behave like this I would be worried. Even older cats will sometimes go a bit hyper and charge around the yard or the house for no apparent reason.

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    Yes this very normal(: I have grown up with cats all my life. My cats always do this. They do it cause of the hunting abilities in them also its a way they play(:

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