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Am i a bad Christian for not going to church..?

Every day i spend 30min-1 hour with our lord sometimes even more. I pray 3-6 times a day. I read the bibles in sing to our lord. I go to church, but i haven't gone lately because i really can't sing or read along sometimes i don't understand them. I go with my mother in i really don't want her to switch church because of me besides she knows everyone there i know a few people. I do love our lord every time i speak about him i get really happy i do cry sometimes i guess is because of all the love and blessing he gives me and my family. I teach my family in try to keep them from braking any of God laws and commandments or others sins, but i myself am not perfect in don't see myself as perfect i sin like everyone else, but i try my best to spread God word. Jesus is the way to our lord kingdom, i just wondering does this make me a bad Christians i pray in tell Jesus the reasons why. I also pray so he can teach me in help me become a better person not evil. Like i said am not perfect no one is, but the once in God kingdom. Thx brothers and sisters. Plz atheists don't answer i love you guys, but i need help from our Christian brothers and sisters :-).

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  • 7 years ago
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    No you are not. I am experiencing the same sort of problem with church. The church I had attended I feel does not quench my hunger for spiritual food. I feel this may be what is going on with you as well. I don't understand why you and your mother must attend the same church but either way you know that your salvation must come before anything. Fellowship with others of faith is good for us. This in no way is a sin that you not attend. I say the Father wants you to search for something that he has for you. I myself am on a quest for the Truth. The great deceiver has been twisting it since the dawn of time itself. He mixed lies with the truth to confuse us. The problem with Church is they get set in there ways believing they know the Truth and read the scriptures with closed eyes. EhYeh Asher EhYeh has something special for you but you must show you are worthy to receive it by searching the Truth and worshipping him in all you do. I pray for your success in finding His gift for you.

  • Kanada
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    7 years ago

    The church is the people of the Lord.

    Being a good Christian has nothing to do with going to church.

    If you are truly doing all the things you say your doing, then there is no reason you are "not a good Christian"

    That being said, it is always helpful to have a place to go to praise God and listen to His word, especially because if you have a good Pastor then you get it from a different viewpoint than your own; which can open your eyes up to things you may not be seeing.

    Also, I recommend worrying mostly about yourself rather than trying to teach others not to break commandments. If they are not Christian, than focus on that, as a non-Christian will not be able to follow Gods law.

    And just because your mother goes to a certain church doesn't mean you have to. There are plenty of churches in nearly every town, find a Pastor / church / youth group that fits your needs.

    There will be more or likely a church within walking distance, or bike riding distance, but if not than many of these churches provide free bus service to & from.

    Another good reason for going to church is that you can meet good wholesome friends who will better your life, rather than drag you down into depths that it is hard to escape.

  • 7 years ago

    The bible doesn't say we have to go to church every Sunday. Just make sure you read the bible for yourself and make it a habit. You spend time with the Lord so you should be fine. Make sure you spend time with other believers, too. God bless you

  • 7 years ago

    I liked Kanada's answer!

    You sound like a true believer- always afraid that you are not holy enough or that you might displease The Lord.

    Rather than focusing on whether or not you are a good christian, just focus on Jesus and our Heavenly Father- their goodness and love, which are freely given to you.

    Jesus can be trusted to lead you and guide you into perfection and holiness.

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  • y2k
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    7 years ago

    No, don't stress about it. There are plenty of bad Christians in church anyway.

  • 7 years ago

    You believe and respect Him, dont you? That's enough. He's everywhere. :D

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