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So I'm 15 years old and my dick is 5 1/2 inches,is that normal or too small?

my dick is 5 1/2 inches when erect and is it too small for my age group? what can i do to make it bigger?


what age does it usually stop growing?and what would you think be the max it could grow to?

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    Totally normal. Average erect penis length for a fully grown man is 5.1–5.9 inches. And you're only 15, it might continue growing.

    EDIT: The penis will usually grow until around age 16 or 18 but it really depends on the person. It's very hard to say what the maximum length you could grow to is, it's probably unlikely that you will grow a LOT more, meaning I don't think it's going to double in length or anything. I'd try not to worry about it! You're already normal :)

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    You probably have a bit more to go. But 5 1/2 is normal I think I read somewhere that it is the average actually. Don't quote me on that. But anything extra you grow is just bonus lol.

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    Penis size is determined in genetics. There is really no "Normal" size for a penis. The size you'll end up with is the size God gave you. The penis usually stops growing at age 18. My penis is about the same size and I'm 13.

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