im 16 and i have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for 8 years its starting to last all day help?

What should I do I'm on meds but today it's 3:18am and I can't fall asleep this has been going since 11am yesterday this is starting to get worse I don't know what to do it seems hopeless I tried the breathing exercises and meditation but it's not working in through the nose out through the mouth set your mind somewhere peaceful relax I've been through it it's like it never ends I don't drink energy drinks on a daily basis or coffee probably once or twice in like the past 8 months I hope you can give me an answer because it is the same repetitive cycle over and over yea I know keep doing the breathing exercises no duh but there has to be something else anything please

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  • Jason
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    7 years ago
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    long time to carry a fairly debilitating illness

    I note youve identified avoiding stimulants, meditation taking medication as part your efforts to deal with the issue ... doing anything else?

    I would suggest that you should have engaged in therapy to learn some decent skills to "program" yourself towards wellness

    in addition you should consider the totality of your diet

    eliminate sugar and processed foods entirely - going vegetarian or vegan might be worth trying

    exercise and activity should be a part of you life everyday

    and finally

    look at your schedule and routine


    problem such as yours deserves more than just a passing thought

    rewards are there to be had should you care to expand upon what youve been doing

  • 7 years ago

    It could be you are sensitive to food additives. Certain additives can cause insomnia, anxiety, and so on.

    Also, my brother had a hiatus hernia that caused him to feel he was going to pass out. He finally figured it out himself; he just didn't know what to call it. He described what he thought was his problem to a new doctor, who told him "You know what is wrong with you; you just don't know what it's called." You might ask doctors to check you for a hiatus hernia.

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