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what's wrong with me?

I've been gaining new pains this year, unexplainable honestly. After thanksgiving I quit smoking, due to respiratory problems, and since then I've gained more health problems. I have recently developed migraines, gallbladder pain, painful lymph node swelling, anxiety, and can't sleep on my sides. I can't see a doctor cause I don't have one, I'm 26 years old, and when I had a doctor (last year) he said I was very healthy even with my smoking habits. So why is everything collapsing? I'm thinking about going back to them. What else can I do?

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    I have had my same family doctor fir over 25 yrs now. It is important to have one, as you never know when you need medical care.

    First let me congratulate you on stopping smoking. My dad died from lung cancer.

    As you age you will get more aches and pains. what are your symptoms for " gall bladder pain?" You may need medication.

    Swollen lymph nodes may indicate infection.

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