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Should I meet this guy?

So there's this guy that I met of Facebook, and I'm a senior in high school and he's a freshman in college but will be going into the navy soon. He lives in Orland and I live in Chico. So like a half an hour away or so. We've been talking for like a month and a half now and still haven't met. I guess one of my good friends has met him before and she says he's normal. He's not creepy or anything and we have a lot in common. We text and snapchat everyday. Well he wanted to go see a movie last week but I was way too busy with stuff and he still wants to go to one. I told him tomorrow or this week sometime. Should I go?? Or no? Then a little bit ago he said he's in Chico tonight and wants to go to ice cream, but idk. What should I do? Should I tell him let's go to a movie first.

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    It would be better if he came to the area you lived and if you didn't meet him alone. Even though your friend met him and thinks he's normal, you haven't. You have to be never know.

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    You should meet him but ask a friend to come along like as a double date or something. Just because he seems like a normal person doesn't mean he isn't a serial killer. Always be cautious. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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    Do a double date or bring a friend with you and you will be safe :)

    If your way to uncomfortable or something seems strange, dont do it hes leaving to the navy anyway

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