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Leaving dog in vehicle?

I have a 4 year old chihuahua who is around 5 pounds. I know that you aren't supposed to leave your dog in the car. I used to bring my dog on trips to get out of the house if I was only running into the store to get an item or two. I read an article that said that you should not do that since it could be harmful to your dog. After I read that, I stopped bringing my dog even if I was only in the store for 5 minutes.

For some reason, I began to wonder about this. What if I was to leave my dog in the car with me? A lot of times, my mom runs into stores. Should I still not bring my dog even if I will be in the vehicle as well?

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    If you are in the car with the dog, then your good, just be sure to use the A/C if its hot, or Heat if its cold.

    I for one, if i ever saw a dog in a car alone, i would break the window and get him out, and suprisignly my state passed a law given citizens the authority to do so if a dog is locked in a car and owner is not around and not get a citation for it.

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    Obviously if you are comfortable in the car the dog will be comfortable as you can help regulate a comfortable temperature but a dog alone can not. Recently I waited in the car for my spouse while it was 40 degrees outside and I got extremely hot and had to open the door for some cool air. I know the thermometer in the car is not accurate (100+ degrees) but it had to be at least 80 degrees. The best thing is never leave the dog alone in the car in any weather. Here are some tips when traveling with your pet. Personally IMO I could never understand why people take their dogs when doing errands.

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    Common sense! Of course you can have your dog in the car when you pop into your local store .... BUT if the weather is hot, he's going to be far better left at home. Similarly with extreme cold - and never leave the engine running in the car, if the dog is loose in the car - it's always better to have a dog crated when travelling in the car.

    Not supposed to LEAVE your dog in the car is way different to having it along, and just popping in and out - again depending on the weather at the time.

    Add - People who break into cars are actually acting illegally. Even the RSPCA (UK) have to have the police present before they can legally break into and rescue a dog from a car. To the person who does this - be careful!

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    It isn't the actual" taking the dog in the car" problem, it's the temperature that a car can reach when enclosed in the sun. If the day is cool, or you can find a spot in the shade, you can safely take your dog with you. You have to be very careful of the outside temperature because a car can heat up quickly, otherwise it is perfectly ok to take your dog for a quick trip to a store, etc.

    I do it all the time.

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    I bring my dog in the car with me all the time. The only time it's bad is when it's hot, as cars can heat up quickly and dogs have died. I leave my dog at home when it's hot.

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    Vehicle temperature isn't suitable for dogs so leaving your dog unattended is not a good thing, but you staying inside the car with your dog, I think it is ok because if something happen you're there

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    A dog that size and weight should never be subject to temperature extremes. Certainly if you remain with the animal in a vehicle, it will be less stressful, but conditions should still be monitored.

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    If you're there it's find because if you see the dog over heat you can open the window give him water let him out it turn the air conditioning on

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    if you are comfortable in the car... not too cold, not too hot, can breath easily, etc... then your dog will be fine

    if your dog loves car rides, then why not take them on a ride around the block instead of to run errands?

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    as log as it isnt hot, your dog should be fine in the car

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