She looks at me but shes straight..?

So there is a girl in my class who stares at me. We are both seniors in high school. So everytime are group is about to workout she always goes first. She looks at me then she starts working out. When she walks around she looks at me. When we are warming up she looks then looks away. She doesnt smile she just looks at me with a blank look. Sometimes when I work out she looks at me which makes things kinda award. When im somewhere in the gym she happens to be there, sometimes shes not around me all the time. When our coach says to find a spot she looks at me when we are about to do push ups. When im changing she sometimes looks at me. I feel like she likes me but doesnt say anything. You know the feeling when you feel that someone likes you..? Well thats how I feel. Idk who knows I could be wrong. Im sure she is straight. Btw shes popular so every guy crushes on her. Idkwhy I brought it up but I want to know your opinions. What do you think of all this. Whats the reason she looks at me. Im not ugly but I will tell you guys that me and my friend were talking about girls and boys and he brought up me liking a girl. I told him I like girls then I laughed it off and I told him I was kidding then he said you keep on joking like this maybe you do. But anyway I think she heard. Sometimes I think she is creeped out about it. What do you guys think of all this?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just because she is pretty and all the boys crush on her she has to be straight. No not at all.. She is at that point in her life where she is ready to maybe act on her urges. Maybe talk to her.. See how she communicates with you. She is obvisouley intrested in you. Get to know her see what her deal is.. just be friendly. Smile at her or something

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Look straight people are n o t worth it whole your gay!

  • 7 years ago

    Kiss her

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