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How do you be more confident around your girl?

So like I'm that shy, sweet type. And I've been dating this girl for months, and I'm always shy near her but I'm ALWAYS there for her. And whenever we have those 'I love you' conversations I usually end it because she says her heart melts ;) but I need to be more confident around her in person. Any advice?

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    This is so sweet. It is good that you care for her this way. This being said, it can be also something keeping you from being as confident as you would like to be. Take a deep breath and say what is on your mind. I wouldn't worry about changing too much though, after all she is dating you (and has been for months) so she must like your personality as is!

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    She like you already, what makes you insecure? Be more confident in knowing you are finding or will find your best match. Tell yourself all the time "i got this" . Pay attention to the conversation in your head, anytime you tell yourself something negative "i can't do this" "I'm a pussy" flip it over and practice practice until it's a habit "i can't do this" turns to "i can't do this, yet!" I can't do this yet, but someday i will. I can't do this but I'm working on it so soon i will" i can do this. I got this

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