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what do I do if a guy doesnt respond to my text (even though I didnt ask a question)?

So, i've been hanging out with i guy I met on Tinder for a few weeks now. In the beginning he persued me more then it became even contact. I mentioned the whole tinder thing and said I was thinkning of deleting it cos we were hanging out. He was honest and said he wasnt ready for a r/ship. i agreed and said I wasnt either.

He sent me a text msg before he went away wishing me a merry xmas and New Year. I didnt reply cos I didnt want to come across as needy (as i already thought I had re: deleting tinder etc)

Anyway he texted me randomly today asking how xmas was. I sent a short reply and asked how his holiday was. he replied right away answering my question, but not asking me anything. i texted back saying "i'm glad you had a good trip!" he hasnt replied.

Im worried that I may have come across as rude/aloof/uninterested purely because last week etc I would ask more questions and today I asked how his trip was but didnt bother asking further questions.

Do you think him not responding to my last text is ok?

Im also worried because last week when he sent the "merry xmas/NY" text, i didnt respond and now today, im not asking heaps of questions!!

HELP!! Am i just being silly??

Thanks for taking the time to read


Ok, thanks.

Is it ok for me to start a new text conversation with him now?

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    yes your blowing this up, u didn't ask him 2 respond

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