What Kind of PC Should I Buy To Play Music w/ Virtual DJ and Hercules Instict?

Please Help me I am a new DJ And i want to know what are the specs that a computer should have for a smooth and fast performance :)

Thanx a lot ;)

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  • 7 years ago
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    i know this does not totally answer your question, but may help. its been many years since i messed with music, but 1 thing i highly suggest is make sure you have a very good audio card with its one processor, and external M-Audio is what i used to use. other than that, multuple cores, at least 8GB ram, good kooling system, DONT CHEAP OUT on hard drives, go with ones that have large caches and high rpm's and transfer speeds DO NOT BUY MAXTOR DRIVES!!!!!! western digital is best i found so far, the red series. also, although its not really necessary for what you want to do, make sure your video card has a good size GPU so the video rendering will not bog down the machine when your processing.

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY AN OFF THE SHELF COMPUTER, like a dell, hp, gateway, etc. they ARE NOT designed for what you want to do! if you can not build one yourself ask a friend or maybe throw someone couple hundred dollars to custom build one. what is your budget? for about $2000 you can build an outstanding machine, for $2000 from dell or one of those you get crap!

    if your not looking to go cheap, my best friend is a ell known DJ, producer and audio engineer I could ask him what he suggests?



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