should i sell my ps3? if so how much?

I'm planning on selling my ps3 I'm becoming to bond it I have a lot of homework after school and when I get home I just get to playing. My grades went down since. I've become lazier I stopped working with my dad because of it.

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    7 years ago
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    If i were you id sell it if its Having this effect on your life. its up to you but id recommend you sell it. I'd say that if its good condition you could sell a 12gb for $200 - $220. A good condition 500gb could go for $280 - $300. I hope that this helped if the condition isn't as good take $30 off the good condition prices. If its brand new and unopened add $30 to the good condition prices. The prices i listed could be slightly less or slightly more than i said it depends how lucky or unlucky you are. Hope that this solved your problem and helped you out. :)

    Source(s): Myself: hours of looking for a ps3 for myself haha :)
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