I've been really ugly the past week?

So for the past few weeks, maybe even a month or two, I've been feeling really beautiful. And it wasn't just an internal feeling, people had been telling me I was hot and that I had a nice body, nice wardrobe, etc. (This isn't supposed to be douchey, I used to be kinda ew and it was just nice to be considered pretty for a change).

So winter break rolled in, I was still looking really good, but the past few days have been hell. I look like I ate a small country, my hair is knotted, dry, frizzy and just doesn't fall in the right place, my upper lip hair is hugely noticeable (it's recently been tame), my teeth look gross, my lips look thin and a pale purply disgusting color, my eyebrows (which are usually my finest feature) are a complete disaster. The WORST thing is my skin. I used to have horrible skin last year and now I just have acne marks. I became really good at face makeup and it appeared my acne marks were gone and everyone had been commenting on how nice my skin looks (I didn't wear that much makeup but it still covered everything). Now, my skin is breaking out and my pores are so huge makeup doesn't spread well anymore and it just looks cakey. Also my mouth has been unusually dry lately? Like it's hard to speak. Am I just really really really dehydrated?

I'm almost 16 and I get that I'm going through puberty, but this was the most drastic change I've ever gone through. It is definitely NOT in my head. I'm really not narcissistic and I understand looks aren't everything, but it just sucks. Everything was going so well and I'm going back to feeling how I felt last year (ugly, fat, bad skin, bad everything).

Is this just a phase? Explain everything please. I don't think it's PMS btw but it could be hormones idk

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  • 7 years ago
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    Chill out. Everybody has some worst days of our life. My cousin once had about drastic ance on her flawless skin but after a month or so, everything was alright. So chill out. Eerything settles normally or else try to do something about your flaws. Remember, you are still beautiful.

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