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Why do I have thick ankles?

I am a girl and ever since i was a teenager i had thick ankles, not because i am fat but because the bone is thick, even when i am very thin, its still thick.

I always wonder why I didnt have thin bones to look more like girly instead of having thick bones.

Although i am not tall I am only 5'5

I got it from my mother, however my sister has nice thin ankles so as many Asian women, they look more feminine with thin ankles

why do I have thick ankles for a girl?

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  • mind
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    7 years ago
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    I am also not fat but have thick bones. Enjoy. Hard to be fractured, and an advantage.

    If you are covered, no need to worry how men see it.

  • Monica
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    7 years ago

    My sister is the same , I have think ankles . I say just wear heels with a strap n cover it . It's immature for a man to not want u due to big ankles .

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