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Health problems? Shortness of breathness?

Its always at night sometimes thoughtout the day too ... But at night i get shorness of breathness when im laying down if i stretch or yawn it gets worser i have to put pillows behind my head and i jus cant sleep now .. Sometimes i wake up thinking im soffocatin weirdd

Well anybody with the same problem ?

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    Absolutely!! This happens to me all the time.

    I get rather asthmatic whenever I'm exposed to dust, strong fumes, pet dander, cold weather, etc. Also when I have chest colds. The same thing happens where usually I'm okay during the day, but at night I start wheezing and can't breathe.

    Your bronchioles are inflamed, or you have phlegm in your chest you're not aware of. Either way, you need to do something to get the bronchioles back to normal, the phlegm out, and the breathing stabilized. I would go to the doctor and get them to listen to your chest to make sure you don't have an infection. If you're lucky, it's just a nasty chest cold that'll clear up with antibiotics or time.

    Invest in a nebulizer. They're a godsend and open up your bronchioles and get you breathing again. You can get this from your doctor if you don't already have one. It really helps, especially right before bed.

    Try drinking a lot of tea and warm liquids. Stay away from dust and pets and fumes or anything that might give you an allergic reaction or set off your breathing. Stay out of the cold if you can (and protect your chest and your throat if you really have to). When you sleep, sleep slightly elevated (pile on some pillows) to give yourself some relief.

    But seriously. That nebulizer will make a huge difference for me. Ask your doctor for one.

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