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Do you think this would be too much of a rip off of popular novels?

I had a plot and I showed it to my friend and she said that the beginning was a bit like a rip off so I wasn't sure.

I was thinking of writing a book, vaguely its about a boy and he lives on one side of the river, the rich side, and then theres a poor side. On the rich side, to stay there, every year 18 year old guys are transported to the poor side and have to kill as many as they can (they are taught from a young age that the slums are a disease but theres a huge backstory i won't get to that)

anyway theres a couple rules, etc etc. Their placed there for 12 hours The main character boy was planning to run away and hide in the poor side because his family who is very rich and powerful beats him and blackmails people, etc. But instead he kills like 50 people on accident and he goes in the top 10 who killed most people. Then they have semi finals, finals, and the winner gets a lot of stuff yay

But for some reason (haven't figured it out yet) he decides to escape and yea a bunch of other stuff happen i'm not going to get into that because that section of the story doesn't even relate to popular series like the Hunger Games or Divergent or Harry Potter in anyway.

I wasn't sure about the beginning part though, I felt it seemed a bit like the Hunger Games and Divergent and Harry Potter bits of all of those and I didn't wanna rip them off or anything. Does it seem like too much of a rip off? Thank you(:

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    Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV

    What has been will be again,

    what has been done will be done again;

    there is nothing new under the sun.

    Nothing is ever original. Everything of human design is inspired by something that came before it. What we call a measure of originality is really just a measure of how well we can adapt and improve an idea to become our own.

    Read this: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. It's one of my favourite books, and it tells you all about the secret to being original.

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    It's not just those stories, many many more have similar plots, but each one of the ones you mentioned are rip-offs in one way or another from previously published but less popular books. Original ideas are a relative thing these days. The story is good but I think there are ways you could add originality to it, like who is the narrator, 2 stories at the same time like put a pour girl, or better yet a guy on the other side, make it a gay love story.. you can do much more of corse, but at the end of the day it's all about the writing style, how up beat and captivating the story is, and the name of course. Good luck :)

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    Every book is a ripoff of another book in a way. But it depends on how u write it that mskes the difference x

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    I had a plot and I showed it to my friend and she said that the beginning was a bit like a rip off so I wasn't sure. B

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    These days, you can't really have originals. So just write it and see what happens. Flip it up a bit, you should be a'right.

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