visiting Tahoe for the first time :-S?

So, me and my family (my husband, 7yr old and 4yr old kids) are going to Tahoe for the first time :-) we live in SF and never been there (i know i know c'mon). We'll be there next Thursday and come back on Saturday. Any suggestions on what to do or where to stay? (kids friendly places of course) Also, we might take our van (Honda Oddysey) will it need chains on the tires??? How cold can it be over there? Somebody told us about Montbleu Resort, does anybody know if it's a good and cheap choice? Sorry but i'm kind of worry and excited! Thanx for any advice and for taking your time to answer! Have a great day!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Montbleu is in Nevada, and is a casino, not a resort. I haven't been there yet (previously it was Caesar's), but in general, the Nevada casinos will require you to walk through the casino floor to get to the elevator to your room, or to get to the restaurant/breakfast. And NV casinos allow smoking. So think to yourself whether you want your kids to walk through a casino several times a day - you may want to look at hotels in the California side. But make reservations NOW - it's a popular weekend trip, especially during the winter.

    You will need chains if it snows. Of course bring them just in case. Looking at the weather forecast, snow is unlikely, but of course it is better to be safe.

    The main attraction this time of year is skiing/snowboarding. A lot of the ski resorts have sledding areas which may be better suited for your young kids. If you stay at Truckee, there are a lot more ski resorts in that area than in South Lake Tahoe. But at South Lake Tahoe, there is a spectacular tram up to Heavenly with some great views, which is worth it even if you aren't going skiing. There is also a relatively new shopping area there. Other things for kids, Harrah's has an excellent brunch buffet. Reno is a short drive away (should be fine if there is no snow), and they have Circus Circus which has a huge arcade, as well as a classic automobile museum. Back in my day there was a smaller arcade in the underground tunnel between Harrah's and Harvey's in South lake Tahoe, but I don't know if it is still there.

  • 7 years ago

    You need chains if it snows right before the trip. Also the weather is the same way. You should be tracking to see what you are going to experience and if chains will be required.

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