Anime smilar to "Summer war"?

make a list if u can :D

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  • Nicole
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    7 years ago
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    Summer Wars was made by Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda, so I recommend trying out some of his other movies, which include:

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

    Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game (essentially the same as Summer Wars with the concept of virtual reality, but with Digimon haha)

    More here:

    Some other anime to check out that were not made by Mamoru Hosoda are:

    Eden of the East

    Gatchaman Crowds

    C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control


    Kyousou Giga

    Sword Art Online

    Uchuu Show e Youkoso

    Paprika (movie)

    Accel World

    .hack// series


    Mawaru Penguindrum (similar in terms of feeling)

    Hope that helps!

  • 7 years ago


    The Girl who leapt though time

    Sword Art Online


    Sorry But I cant name anymore :(

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