What to say to my boyfriend to get him to talk to me?

Ok so if u read my previous question u know that my bf saw some messages in my phone well it's been 2weeks & I have heard anything from him, my friend that had used my phone to text her bf from my phone is home in London for the holidays & won't be home til January 3rd & she has agreed to tell him it was her that used my phone & not me texting someone like he thinks, but the problem comes in where I text some guys on my phone one was in October & I was breaking things off with him cuz he was like wanting to become more than friends & I really liked my bf more so I broke it off at the time I had been with my bf 2weeks & the other one was a guy I had a friendship only with but the convo was deep like about life & marriage & love not directed towards him but just in general but that was in July 2months b4 me & my bf even got together, also he saw some private messages to my son gma & they were pretty disrespectful but the contact was my son dad but he dead so he thinks I lied about that!


I just want to know what to say to him....he's a great guy and I've never cheated on him but he thinks that I had "several guys" on my plate when I started dating him....he also thinks I lied about my sons father dying bcuz the message he saw was me telling my sons gma that I tell everyone she's dead bcuz she is to me....yeah it seems rude but that lady is freaking witch.....& blames me for her son dying bcuz we were texting when he got in his accident she doesn't know the mental torture I've endured knowing that he died while texting me back I feel awful and she has nothing for my son but yet does for his other 2 kids from a previous marriage that are 14 & 6....so anyway we had a very heated texting battle but the name under the contact is my sons father bcuz she uses his old phone and I just never changed the contact name so he thinks it's me telling my sons father that I tell everyone he's dead! I know it sounds crazy but he really thinks that!

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    I didn't read your previous question.

    If you didn't tell him that your friend used your phone, then TELL him, once. If you DID tell him and he has stopped communicating, then you need to make a decision. You can tell him that you miss him. Or, you can wait for your friend to return and try to clear it up.

    Put a password on your phone.

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