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My friend says I'm the dumb *** and stupid one of our group?

So lets get this straight, repeating non-funny jokes is her thing. One of her "jokes" was to tell everyone in sight I was an emo slut who cut, which led me to some terrible problems including people asking to see my arms. And for a fact, I don't cut, and she's dated more people then me, so I see no reason to call me this. She still calls me this, but not in front of our friends anymore because some of my friends actually were suffering through depression during that time, so just her and her mom joke about those horrible things now.

So anyway, since she has now displayed to the public I'm a dumb *** who knows nothing and is apparently oblivious to all situations, the rest caught on to it too. Now I have no escape whatsoever because that is what the school thinks, and she's ruined everything possible for me. Once she even sent me a picture from an app called "Mash it Up" that put me in a bad light and said to leave me out of things, and captioned it, "this is soo u"

And she also now has a fetish to love everyone I love. She has literally dated all my ex bf's, and is currently dating one now! What should I do? I'm not sure she is doing this meaningfully or anything, but it's gotten me super sad. Sorry it might not be so descriptive, but you can get the just of it I hope, I'm bad at this stuff tbh. HELP!

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    I had to deal with something similar to this. I am so sorry but I would go up to her and ask her to stop nicely. If she still does it I would have someone to back you up. And people are really stupid if they believe anything she says. She is not a good friend if she does this. Stop being her friend and hanging out with her. If this didn't stop tell the principal or someone to back you up. But that is really immature of her to be spreading rumors. It shows that she is a rude little b**** and is really stupid. If people ask to see your arms show them. They will see that she was wrong and they were idiots.

    Hope this gave you some ideas. But people never change. So keep your head high and ignore them. ;) good luck.

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    HA! Friend.

    She is not a true friend at all. I'd kick her to the curb. I think you should confront her. Tell her how you feel! I had a "friend" like that. Told her to f off and go suck a d. And she's never talked to me again. My life's been peaceful since.

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