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images made up of smaller images?

I want to know what this style of 2d art is called and whether there is a website that can generate such images.

Basically I keep seeing these portraits of people made up of tiny images like smileys. Each tiny image has some color applied to it. When looking the image from the distance it looks like an ordinary portrait, but when looking from normal distance, you notice it's made up of smaller images.


I'm afraid "mosaic" is a broad style. need something more specific. Mosaic is usually said to mean an image made up of small one-color shapes, like cubic or spherical rocks. Searching for a "mosaic generator" brings those.

Update 2:

I was wrong on what I needed. I didn't mean I want a mosaic generator which applies a color scale to small images, but keeps the images intact, just finds the best math from a large list like in this image:

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