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stomach hurts real bad (girls ONLY)?

its 2 am and i have a lot of stomach pain it started like 15 min ago. i have my period i don't know if its that but is it really hurts even when i move im scared could this be just my period ?

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    First take some pain killers before it gets worse!

    You can heat up some water and put it in a water bottle and but a sock over it. It works amazing and lasts long! You can also put rice in a sock and put it in the microwave!

    Rubbing my belly wear it hurts sometimes helps

    Take a nap

    Don't eat anything with chile!

    Get comfy put some sweats or pajamas

    Do something to get your mind off

    Exercise helps! But as it's late then idk...

    And maybe take a warm bath!

    Some hot tea always helps me

    I hope I helped some what /:

    Source(s): Fell better! Haha my names jasmine too and I'm 15 lol I get the worst cramps ever!
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    If the lower abdomen is paining then it is because of your period and if it is your upper stomach then maybe it is because of gas or something. if upper abdomen you better visit a doc and if it is because of your periods you can take foods which keeps your body cool till your period gets over and for now you can take a pain killer.

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