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is he trying to make me jelouse or just moving on?

People say I'm really dense when it comes to noticeing when someone likes or hates me or has any mutual feelings towards me so I really don't get or really understand emotions very well so I'm really confused about my ex. First off he likes me for about 2-3 years and I didn't know and apparently it was obvious but whatever. Second of all when we broke up its because he took one of my jokes way to seriously and broke up with me over tect. Now to the part I need help with. My ex has got a new girlfriend and everyone is telling me its just to make me jealouse but I don't know. And he keeps staring at me which is weird and his friends keep asking me if I'm seeing anyone. And he got really mad when he saw me hugging one of my best friends you just so happens to be a guy. But I don't get it he broke up with me yet he keeps coming atound me. Its really confusing. Could someone please help me out here im really confused!

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