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Why can't i feel emotion well? I just turned 14 a few days ago but this bothered me a lot when i was 13?

i have read a quite a few other peoples questions similar to my own. No i am not a sociopath, psychopath, nor have i had anything traumatizing happen. I used to be extremely outgoing around my friends and shy around other people, but all around i was really cheerful at almost all times. I have never like talking to people about my feelings, and situations like being bullied never really got to me. but the happiness has almost completely vanished. i rarely feel any type of emotion beside annoyance, nervousness, and sometimes moments of hyper, friendly, glee. also most people with these questions say they don't care, i am very sympathetic, nervous, and i care what people think about me. I want to be able to feel emotion like other people do, but im not going to anyone i know for help, for some reason (i have tried) i cant talk this out like i apparently should

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    You kind of sound like a normal teenager. If you're really concerned by it, then talk to the school counselor or your physician.

    As your hormones balance out, some of those emotions will come back. Give yourself some time, but if it gets worse, you'll have to find someone professional to talk to.

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