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while working on an e3 visa, would I be able to study part time without getting an additional student visa?

I am considering a move over to America in order to work full time and I would also like to complete my MBA part time whilst working. With an e3 visa, would I be required to get an additional f1 student visa in order to study? Anyone know how that would work?? I know e3 visa is for university educated workers, but it doesn't mention anything about restrictions in regards to furthering studies while in America....

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    While it is possible to have two separate valid US visas, one can only be present on the territory of the US under a single "visa status" (determined by the type of visa used when entering the US).

    Holding an additional F-1 will be of no use, and may actually be harmful if you make a mistake of entering the country on your F-1 (as you will not be able to work).

    For as long as you comply with all E-3 visa conditions (such as working full-time for the employer who sponsored your visa), you are allowed to study at any US university.

    You study must be "incidental" to your work responsibilities, i.e. you must ensure that your studies do not overwhelm you and cause troubles with your E-3 responsibilities.

    Notice that you will have to obtain F-1 if you decide to leave your employer and become a student.

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    You'd be safe with the Australian visa and pay for additional education out of pocket. E3 is an Australians only H1B visa placed under the E class for political reasons, it is not for "University Educated Workers" because like the H1B,work experience can be substituted for a degree.

    You can do F1 actions while in E3 status, but you can not do E3 actions while in F1 status.

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