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How can I fix my life?

Okay so I don't know if I made a stupid decision. Any I just don't even know why I made such a crazy life for me. So it was the summer time and so my friend liked this guy and she texted him and then me nd him kind of got introduced so I had got on the phone with him one night and we were both watching love and basketball and so anyway I decided to ask him who he like and he said me and then he asked me the same question I said another boy and him. Then he hold back on asking me out until I bugged he to tell me what he was going to ask me so he asked me out and then we went on from there . After a week the spark just went out cause idk I just I guess I just felt all sad and lonely since I broke up with this other guy back in april. Welll he kind of broke up with me because of such a stupid reason cause it don't feel right and cause teachers know and because people would come up to him and ask was we dating and he would say yeah and then they would say eewwwwww... im not that bad of a person and this was last year. Then so anyway. I broke up with the guy and this was in August. But anyway he like really liked me and all that he tried getting back with me he would call me and even try to make decisions for me so we can go back out so like back in October I said yes again. I mean I had to. Then so we went out it went good then bad cause we wouldn't even tlk for like three days until we would finally tlk again I guess idek if I felt the same and so I just want to make everyone happy I mean I just don't want to hurt anyone. So in decemeber

(right now) the day I think before or whenever Ii told him I just want to be friends sooo this whole week he been trying to get me back but here a twist. I for two weeks have been starting to like another guy cause we would tlk everyday. oovoo and everything and I guess me nd him became close so like two days after the breakup I made a stupid choice to go out with this other boy when I haven't even gotten time to recover from this one. So anyway the dude I broke up with been trying to get me back and so like I just don't even know anymore it tooo hard to just say this whole story of what been happening in my life............................................................................................................................................I just don't know now. I realy don't. I just want to be happy forget everyone else now. Too young sooo dumb........

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    haha.. :P simple. try to concentrate on the guy you want to be with and not much on everyone els. whn the who u r interested in, is concerned about it that means he has some feelings for you. do what your heart says, don do jus because of maintaining some stupid social status. nothing will happen. you hav already told to the previous guy that you want to be friends with him. thats good. make use of that. bring up these two guys together and let the previous guy tel him that you and previous guy are friends. simple. and chill in watever you do, don think on what others think about you. don let the thinking of others affect you or els you wil never be able to go back to your life or live it completely.

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