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My dog really stinks!?

I have a year old Golden Retriever and she ALWAYS has that "doggy smell". I've noticed a lot of retriever type dogs have it because of the oils in their coat. Yes, I bathe her, but the next day she has that retriever smell again. She's been to the vet, had different foods and shampoos, and her ears are clean. I've bathed her frequently or infrequently and it's always there. My mom just wants to get rid of the dog, but I don't. Any suggestions?


So it isn't her anal glands and if it were a yeast infection, she should be itching a lot. The weird thing is, she isn't itching at all. Maybe I will save some money and get her professionally groomed and see if that will put her off to a fresh start...

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    No dog should smell bad the day after a bath. Maybe she has a yeast infection, that will cause her to smell awful. Not all retrievers smell terrible and for those that do, there is a cause.

    Tell your mother that this is a very poor excuse to get rid of a family member. The dog is a family member isn't she?

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    Take her to the groomer for anal expression. or have her checked by the vet. it may be yeast overgrowth. Is she scratching, scooting her butt on floor, and shaking her head as if her ears itch? These are signs of yeast along with the wet rag smell. Ask the vet about probiotics if she tests positive for yeast.

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    Could it be her anal glands? Occasionally, they build up and cause a terrible odor. You could take her to the vet for the procedure or do it yourself.

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    whenever i come back home...from the i enter the house i get dat doggy smell..bcoz of my lab...i jus h8 it..u cn tk him 2 a vet..

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