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how to make my hair grow longer faster as a boy?

my hair is very short now. How can I make my hair grow longer faster?? Is there any way to make it grow longer faster?? Please answer me quickly!!!!! Thank you..

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    •Hair ties make it take longer and pull out hair. Be sure to use cloth, not elastic.

    •When shampooing, make sure to fully lather and give your scalp a massage to stimulate hair growth.

    •Don't put your hair up too tight, as this may cause your hair to break.

    •To brush long hair, first divide your hair into sections. Brush each section with a thick bristle brush. If you want you can wet the tip of your brush.

    •Keep loose hairstyles and don't use rubber bands or metal hair slides. They rip your hair out with them.

    •Don't dye your hair while you are trying to grow it out. Dyeing your hair during the above process can cause it to become dry and fragile, the opposite of the objective.

    •Use cold water while showering. It helps smooth the cuticle down, making hair stronger.

    •Massage your scalp for five minutes every day. It stimulates the blood flow in your hair, helping it to grow better.

    •Drop the towel! Wrapping a towel around your head while doing your makeup may seem like a great idea, but all it does is make your hair frizzy.

    •Don't braid or do anything with your hair while it's wet. Keep it down.

    •Be realistic about the process and don't get frustrated. Your hair only grows 1/2 an inch a month at most; so don't expect it to grow noticeably in a matter of a few days.

    •Don't use heat products when hair is wet. Even if you have a heat protected spray.

    •Use an anti-static comb or hairbrush. Wooden combs and boar bristle brushes are good because they do not strip your hair of natural oils. The boar bristles help distribute the natural oils on the hair strands when you brush your hair.

    •Put olive oil on your roots, and leave it there for about two hours. Then rinse. It will give you very healthy hair, and an olive oil cream hair dressing is a good choice, also always brush your hair out before you oil it or even just doing a quick wash. You can use olive oil to make your hair grow out super fast. Make sure you rinse it out good after leaving it in for 10 minutes or so.

    •Biotin is an inexpensive vitamin that helps renew the hair follicle and grow healthier roots which when taken long term, makes your hair grow longer and healthier faster!

    •Have daily vitamins food such as fish oil or krill oil. It really works.

    •Sleeping with your hair up in a high bun, secured with a plastic clip really helps your hair, you avoid lots of tangles and friction from the pillow! Remember that friction on your coat, sweater, pillow, etc. may damage your hair.

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    The only thing i can think of is by trimming the tips of the hair ever so slightly every now and again. Its proven that the more times hair is cut, the faster it grows back so it should work.

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    No. Only thing that makes hair grow is time. half an inch per month. Sorry.


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    NO!!! not significantly

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