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I have a good life, but I'm depressed?

So I'm 14 and I've had depression and anxiety for a few years now. The thing is, my life is really good, and I just feel so guilty because I have happily married parents, an older sister in law school, an older brother (he's been in rehab for over a year, but that's hardly a reason for me to be suicidal). This guilt of not knowing why I'm so depressed has even gotten to the point of me basically wishing that I had an awful childhood or that I would have an awful life now, or that I would have some abusive past, (which is a horrible, awful, thing to want, because that should never ever have to happen to anyone, but that's just how bad this has gotten) just so that I would have something to blame this on. I hate that so many people have such shitty lives and just go on okay, while I'm just some little rich girl who thinks she's unhappy. And I just hate it so much. I'm so ******* depressed. I used to cut, but I've been clean for months now, so that's fine, but I just don't get why I'm so depressed when I have no reason to be, but so many people have terrible things going on in their lives.

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    Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and has close to nothing to do with your lifestyle. Sure certain things in life can trigger it, but I think depression ends up surfacing no matter what your living style is. Hearing that your older brother is in rehab does explain it. It could run in your family. Have your parents or other family members had depression? I would explore this and definitely talk to someone about it.

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    Kelly is right. It would help you to see depression as the physical illness that it is. It is actually a malfunctioning of the neural circuitry in your brain, which some people are just predisposed to getting just like some people are predisposed to getting diabetes or any other physical illness. And you need to treat it, just like you would treat any such illness. Luckily, depression is usually quite treatable with medication. It might shock you that just a pill could change how you feel inside mentally, but it really can. Have you gone to a psychiatrist and seen about medication for it? If thats not how you want to deal with it or if medication is not wellorking for you, you can also try cognitive behavioral therapy and LENS biofeedback. Those are methods for retraining your brains circuitry.

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    You're just 14.. you should be studying.

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