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taming my new budgie?

My budgie seems to be used to me. He steps up onto my finger nd uses my finger to help him climb around his cage. He also comes out the cage himself if I leave it open. I have had him for about a week. When I take him out the cage he constantly tries to get away from me. I follow him and put my finger out. He screams and throws a tantrum before getting on and then the hole thing starts over again . I have been talking to him and resting my hand in the cage . He seems to be getting worse.. not getting better. Its like he is starting to dislike me more and more. Also iv left millet in his cage he wont go near it . Im battling to gain his trust with no treats. Birdie boffs please help me!

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    This is actually very common for parakeets to do this. They are debating whether to trust you or not. Your parakeet was just testing out different ways to see how you would react and if you would really care for it. Honestly, I think you should just spend more time with it. An hour a day at the least. It just needs to know it can trust you. Check out this site below for more!

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    Best way to make birds used to you is sleep with it in your chest or in your stomach. I know it sounds crazy, bt try it I assure you it really works. Let it move on and around your body and do make sure you dont hurt him while changing position. You dont really need to sleep just be in sleeping position in your bed and give quality time to your pet. Have a great time :)

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    you just need to spend more time with him, he is getting used to you. train him to sit on your shoulder and give him rides around the house. taming a budgies takes more than a week its all about trust

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