septum piercing information. .. anyone?

I'm probly going to get it done, where a fake one time to time and love the feel and look...... I like septums becuse they are easyly hidden, which is good for famliy and work (I'm 26 but respect the famliy likewise)

Yes getting it done pro

Info needed..

Best start gauge? I like 12 the best but is 14 or 16 better for conceling?

How bad is the inital swelling (and how noticable).... I can't put work on hold for a piercing

Colds with septum piercing? How bad?

How temputure sensitive is it? I ski and mountian climb, two passions that are front and center in my life

Best way to clean ( I have a lip ring so I know salt water, but nose means buggrrs so.....)

I know the saying you will look like a bull... well I am a turrios (bull zodiac) and don't realy care what others think this is for me and is not always going to be visable

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  • James
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    7 years ago
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    I personally had my septum pierced at 10g, and it was no problem, and healed in less than 2 months for me, and I could still easily flip up the jewelry (a circular barbell). Just be sure to tell the piercer that you want jewelry that can be flipped up and it should be no problem, unless you have a really tiny nose.

    I personally think that tiny septum rings (smaller than 10g) look bad on guys, so I wanted to go straight to 10g.

    I used a Q-tip soaked with saline solution (the kind that is used in the eyes) to clean around the piercing. Honestly, it was the easiest piercing I've ever had (including labret, ears stretched to 2 1/2 inches, nipples) and healed really quickly. I rarely flipped it up, but it was no problem doing so.

    Once healed, you can go forever without jewelry and put it back in no problem -- it doesn't seem to shrink down like most piercings. So colds are no problem. I've never had a problem in the cold, even when wearing my big 4g jewelry, since it stays fairly warm due to breathing.

    Definitely go for it. I love it and it's just an easy piercing.

  • 7 years ago

    I'm a professional piercer. We always pierce with a 10x1.2 mm horse shoe barbell, with a 16g needle. They take three months to heal, and you need to keep it either flipped up or down for the first two weeks initial healing otherwise it could tear and heal crooked. Should be cleaning it with an alcohol free spray without touching. Or rotating. I have terrible hayfever and mine never really bothered me.

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