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why does my betta crowntail fish have a fin rot?

He has a filter, heater, real plants, I treat the water with the solution. I recently bought him a female betta fish cause I thought he felt lonely. When I bought her she ate a piece of his tail... I got scared. He bulllys her alot. The day before yesterday he woke up with a finrot I moved the female betta from the aquarium to a gallon aqquarium next to the big aquarium they always see each other and idk if its because she ate them or ita a finrot please help!

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    try adding aquarium salt (1 tablespoon per 5 gallons) to prevent any infection and strengthen the immune system. a 25% water change and temperature of 80 degrees will also help.

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    Hi :)

    You don't put a male and a female together ever. They will fight more than spawn. The female must "want" to breed or else she can kill your male.

    You should only breed if you know what you are doing and want to sell quality Betta fish.

    You need to return her or get her a replica set up of your male Bettas tank with heater, filter, and plants.

    2 Bettas either male or female should never be housed together. They are solitary fish and they "like" to be by themselves. There have been "rare cases" where two can be housed together permanently, but this is a gamble and like you saw they will most likely want to (99%) of the time kill each other.

    Sorry you had to learn this the hard way.

    Just increase your water changes for both fish as the male also bites the female (she is just as injured as your male) . Do 50% water changes. Treat the water and add it in. His fins and her injuries will heal.

    Do you have cycled tanks for both your fish? Here:

    Get a good size tank for her (minimum 3g) preferably 5.5g tank.

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