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Help me with my naming guide line pus it's a challenge URGENT?

You and your collage boyfriend have dated for 5 years his name begins with a D and his middle name is after someone in you family his last name is Crawback

He propose and of course you said yes because you love him to death you have a destination wedding where does it take place has to be somewhere cold but romantic second it's time for your honeymoon after the freezing wedding you want to go somewhere warm where do you go and this place has to have coconut trees

2 years after a very happy marriage you find out your pregnant and eventually reviled that it's girl what do you name her her first name has to begin with a P and have a french origin her middle name is of your choice but has to flow with the first name

Your baby girl is 3 years old and so cute your husband loves you like crazy your head over heels with how life turned out and right on your baby girls 4th birthday you find out that your pregnant and God Bless You with quints who are soon reviled to be 5 girls you first daughter is crazy excited and your husband is so happy he decides to move to where you guys had your honeymoon because you loved it there so much and the first quints first name begins with a F and her middle name is Dove. The second quint's first name is a total boys name and her middle name is totally feminine but here's the catch they must flow. The third quint's first name is after ur mother's first name which just happens to be Leah and her middle name must begin with any letter between A-K. Th fourth quint's first name is your choice and begins with R and her middle name is Richard just like ur dad's middle name. The 5th quint who secretly is your little princess but you still love all your children the same and her first name is Princess and middle name of your choice.

7 years have gone by your first daughter is 11 and the quints are such cute little 7 year old s and then after thinking no more babies you get the now your pregnant again with with sextuplets and your doctor tells you that your body just likes multiples you laugh but soon realize that it's reality and then your doctor Dr. Vivian Adams tells you that that your having 4 boys and 2 girls you realize life is perfect even tough your soon going to have 12 kids you have a happy life.The first quint who is a boy his name is entirely you choice. The second one also a boy his name is Dylan Jacob, Your 3rd son's first name begins with a e and middle name with a m. Fourth son's first name is Caleb middle name begins with a B. Your 7th daughter's first name is a season other then Spring and her middle name is either hope, joy, or Grace. Your 8th daughter name is Mackenzie and middle name begins with a S.

30 more years of marriage pass by your kids are respectively 41, 37 and 30. One day your eldest daughter finds you and your husband peacefully dead in each other's arms your kids decide to throw you a grand funeral knowing how you always liked to live big.

10 years pass and your looking down from heaven at your kids who are celebrating life and family you turn to your husband and tell him you guys did a good job and your story ends there.

I know this is long but it's urgent just stick with me here the most creative

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    I doubt anyone would conceive quints and sextuplets but I'll play along just for the fun.

    Daniel Stephen Crawback

    Does England count as cold? If yes, then London. I know it's not really romantic but I'm not sure what places are cold. I'm only 13.


    Pénelope Amelia (nn Penny)

    Freya Dove

    Freddie Isabella

    Rose Richard

    Princess Lily

    Jack Adam

    Dylan Jacob

    Elliot Matthew

    Caleb Benjamin

    Summer Joy

    Mackenzie Sophia

    Source(s): My 13 year old brain. :)
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    David Henry Crawback

    Married in New York, honeymoon in Las Vegas

    Poppy Harper

    Frances Dove, Cameron Lillian, Leila Beatrice, Rowen Richard & Aurora Charlotte (I did the name of a Disney Princess)

    Jack Roman, Dylan Jacob, Evan Matthew, Caleb Benjamin, Winter Grace & Mackenzie Sadie

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    Him: Dean Andrew Crawback

    Wedding: Iceland

    Honeymoon: Seychelles

    • Poppy Juliette

    • Fern Dove

    • Harper Madeline

    • Amelia Blythe (ends in same sound as Leah)

    • Rose Richard

    • Princess June

    • Henry Simon

    • Dylan Jacob

    • Ezra Maxwell

    • Caleb Brooks

    • Winter Joy

    • Mackenzie Susannah

    "Poppy, Fern, Harper, Mila, Rose, June, Henry, Jake, Ezra, Cal, Winnie & Maizie"

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    Bleh too long

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