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to whom does this go to?

I have an settlement going one from an car accident I've been in but who account does it go to not that it matters im 18 and my mom is the insurance policy holder but since im 18 and considered an adult wouldn't they request for me i was involved in an car accident not my mother

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    All damages to the vehicle go to the policy holder.

    If the accident happened after you were 18, any medical payments, lost wages, or pain and suffering would go to you. If you turned 18 AFTER the accident happened, your legal guardian - most likely mom - would get that payment.

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    Need more information...

    What is the settlement for? There are NUMEROUS parts of an insurance claim depending on your state. If you were the 'victim' you could benefit from liability, property damage from the other party. From your own insurance policy you could benefit from medical payments, personal injury protection, limited/full tort, funeral benefit, income loss, accidental death, depending on your state. YES!!!!!!!! There can be many, many parts to an insurance claim.

    Depending on what the settlement is for(like property damage), it might not matter that you were 18 and driving. Need more info.

    Source(s): Licensed insurance agent in 45 states.
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