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TV wont turn back on?

My Panasonic 50" HDTV was unplugged and, after being plugged back in, wont turn on. There is no noise coming from the TV and the red LED light wont turn on either. Help?


the power button is on the back, yes it is pushed all the way in and the socket works, and no I have not

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    You've done a good job at troubleshooting and covering the obvious and less obvious.

    I am leaning toward having a tech take a look. If the fuse blew, there will be a reason why it blew. There may be a component in the set that was deteriorating and just happened to surface when turned on (or at least attempting to do so) after all this time.

    Panasonic sets are worth the repair if needed. I'd take it in or call them out and have them take a look. Hopefully it is simple - or that a problem has been detected early enough to be a reasonable repair.

  • 7 years ago

    is there a on/off switch at the back or on the side of the TV?

    have you checked that the power cable is pushed in all the way in the back of the TV

    have you checked the plug socket you have plugged the TV into is on and working (plug something else into it and see if it works)

    have you tried changing the fuse in the plug (if there is one)?

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