I don't get him? SHORT QUESTION 10 POINTS!?

So me & this guy have been talking. I know we both like each other but we're just taking it slow as friends. So we were suppose to hangout this Saturday at his friends again but I guess something came up. So he asked me if there was anywhere else to hang.

So on & so for, he said we could hang at his house but didn't really want to because he has no cable. He asked to hang at mine & He asked "Can't I spend the night & please !!!" & I said "My tv doesn't work in my room so it'll be boring. When did you get that idea?" & his response was that he was bored & it didn't matter. The only problem was my mom comes home around 2 a.m

I texted him back saying "yeah I'm bored too" I haven't gotten a response back & it's 12:50 a.m. Is he upset with me? I think he's starting to come around but I'm not for sure. We are both 17.

Detailed responses would be nice! Btw we have iPhones so it shows up if you read a text or not & he didn't read it

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think it's a bit quick for him to be asking to sleep over at your house IMO. Also, you can't know for sure if he's upset because he hasn't actually read your text yet. He might have found something else to do in the meantime and he just hasn't picked up his phone to read the message yet.

    Try calling him if he doesn't respond to your texts. But since it's already 12:50 AM, I would say it's probably best to wait until tomorrow to plan to see each other.

  • 7 years ago

    if his interest is to share time with you . then it can be made to be so . if his interest is only to be with you physically . well I guess that is one of your choices .

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