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Do you like Cho Kyuhyun from super junior ?(kpop)?

i just recently got into super junior and i thought kyuhyun was cute. Can you give me any info about him ? also donghae hehe thanks

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    Name: cho kyu hyun

    bod: 3rd feb 1988

    sub groups: super junior m, super junior kry

    roles: main vocalist, maknae

    Among the fans, his nickname is "kyu" cos its short and easier to type/say. He's known as the evil maknae cos he likes to bully his hyungs. he is the last member to join super junior, he joined 6 months after they debut. He's famous for being an MC in the popular korea variety Golden fishery radio star. In that show he's known as the sharp tongue. He had a double eyelid surgery which he admitted and joked about. He is also very fair skinned. he is often paired up with sungmin as a couple because of this drama suju did years ago. The sungmin kyuhyun couple is called Kyumin and is one of the more popular pairings in suju. In sj he and sungmin is the most all-rounded. Meaning they can do singing and dancing equally well. (other members focus on either singing or dancing)

    Name: Lee dong hae

    bod: 15 oct 1986

    sub groups: super junior m, eunhae,

    roles: sub vocal, rapper, dancer

    Our nicknames for him is "hae". He is known as the cry baby in the group and acts more like a maknae than kyu. there was once where he said that he cried just by looking at the moon lmao........he likes skinship and likes to tease and play with his hyungs. His representive animal is fish. so you would also hear people calling him fish, fishae. When they just debuted he was super skinny. now he had lots of muscles. His members also joked that he once tored a shirt cos it was too small. Although he is muscular, he is short which is often the subject his members tease him about. His most known feature are his eyes, which the members say they look sad. His pairing in suju is with eunhyuk and they are called Eunhae. Eunhae is the most popular and known pairings in suju. He is also very close with hyuk. he is voted as the second best looking by his group. He also does not have any plastic surgery done. (look at his childhood photos! theyre so cute!) among the group he is also known to be the dumb one. like how he gets lost easily, easily gets tricked by his members and is also very blur. he is also called"5 years old donghae". every birthday we'd wish him "happy 5th birthday" lol because he is just like a kid who relies on his hyungs a lot.

    Ive been their fan for 3 years and they are the only group i follow and loved truly. so it glad to see other people taking interest in them :) the things i stated above are from my own knowledge of being a fan. I hope all these lingos and facts helped you understand them better :) since you like both of them, i suggest you watch SJM variety shows. super funny and entertaining haha.

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    Kyuhyun is main vocal of SJ. he is a part of Super Junior KRY the subgrup who have best vocal. he is a honest person. he is the smartest member. he get 2nd place the highest IQ in Super Junior (the 1st is Kibum).

    Kyuhyun has sweet looking, he has sweet smile. He is handsome. he is known as evil magnae (naughty) because he like to tease his hyungs.

    Donghae is the dancer & vocalist of SJ. He is handsome (but personally I don't think he is that good looking. if I had to choose, I would choose Kyuhyun).

    Donghae is known as the dumb one among SJ members, because of that his fans call him 5 years old kid for can't doing something properly. He like to talk cheesy things.

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    Super Junior Kyuhyun Facts

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    I think he's a really good singer and he has a great personality, but I personally don't think he is THAT good-looking. If I had to choose, I would definitely choose Donghae as the cutest member of SuJu!

    Kyuhyun is the maknae (youngest) and one of the Main Vocalists of SuJu. He once got into a car accident that he could've died from, and he was severely injured from it. He joined SuJu last, a year (I believe) after the group debuted. Leeteuk used to bully him a lot. I heard he is known for being an evil maknae?

    Facts about him:





    Donghae is a Rapper, Vocalist and Main Dancer of SuJu. He's the 9th oldest (Or 8th now that Hangeng is gone).

    Facts about Donghae:





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    You can check it out on Wikipedia...straightforward & useful for newbies like you :)

    He is also my bias <3

    He may be an evil maknae but he's voice is extraordinary (Y)

    Do check out his accident in 2007..really touching.

    Donghae is more on the shy & innocent side.

    He's freaking adorable & nice :)

    Oh..he's a pretty good composer too..check out his latest release with Eunhyuk, Still You. Donghae composed this song..excellent (Y).

    Sorry for not being able to elaborate more..there's simply too many awesome & mind-blowing facts about these guys ><

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    Kyuhyun is the maknae (youngest) in the grp

    He is known as Evil Makne cause he always pull prank to his (hyungs) older male and brother

    He don't use informalities to his hyungs bcs they are really close and just for fun

    He is also the last one to join the grp

    He's straight forward and bluntly to anyone

    He's is close to his co-member Sungmin they evn have a couple name KyuMin

    Donghae is the 2nd best dancer in the group

    Fans call him fish and dinosaur cause they said his face resemble to them. But I dnt see it

    He is such a kid he always cling to his hyungs

    He's is close to co member Eunhyuk (anchovy of the grp) also the 1 best dancer in the group

    If u watch some reality shows of SJ they have a bromance they also have a cple name EunHae

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    I love Eunhyuk! He is just so hot. He oozes hotness when hes dancing. I don't get why people say hes ugly either. He's freaking sexy to me. I love Eunhae too. I think that has to be most SUJU fans favorite pairing. I like "Bonamana" since it was my first SUJU song. I also like "No other." I'll like to go clubbing with Eunhyuk. He seems like a great party buddy. Also I can grind on him lmao. Eunhyuk,Donghae,Kibum,Hangeng,Leeteuk, and Siwon are my favs. I'm from New Orleans and there are some people that listen to it but they are in hiding. I only hear about them online lol.

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    Kyuhyun is one of the 3 main vocalist of Super Junior, a musical artist, and a variety host.

    He joined SJ a year later after SJ debuted in 2005, the exact date is the 27th of May 2006.

    One year later, on 2007, he with Shindong, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk had a massive car accident, the 3 of them were quite okay, but Kyuhyun went into comatose for few days and he was predicted to not make it but thankfully he did and he joined after 6months ( or more ) in rehab, even though his physical condition was still weak.

    Beside doing activities in SJ, he also has a lot of solo songs and ost. He's asked to sing few senior songs like "7 years of love" and the recently "love dust" ( you should check into his solo and ost discography )

    he's a part of subgroup, Super Junior KRY ( Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung ) who are the group's main vocalist, they release many ost and held their own concert for few times and in 2012 they released a jap album with songs : promise you and hanamizuki

    he's also a part of subgroup, Super Junior M and with few members ( + Henry and Zhoumi ) they promote in China and Taiwan and released mandarin albums

    in 2010, he joined SM sub group "SM the Ballad" with Jay from Trax, Jonghyun from Shinee, and trainee/rookie Jino, they released an album and did a promotion for songs "hot times" and "miss you"

    Kyuhyun had a solo song here too called "love again", it's a song which lyrics tell about his accident and his hope and story about that moment of suffering

    in this year too, he first did his first musical, "the three musketeers" as the main lead and won some kind of awards ( i'm not sure the name but it's some kind of musical awards for rookie"

    in 2011, he joined Immortal Song 2 and performed in few episodes, he won 2 episodes consecutively with performances of "masquerade" and "etude of memories" ( a must watch, I tell you, these 2 are so good )

    later on that year, he joined to be the MC of one of popular Korea talk show, MBC Radio Star replacing SJ member Heechul who went into military service.

    2011 is the start of his popularity as an individual artist and in 2012, he kept getting more popular. He starred in his second musical in "catch me if you can" as the main lead, and his role as a host of Radio Star received a lot of praise from audience, at the end of 2012, he received his first variety award as "the best male newcomer in variety" from MBC ent awards

    in 2013, SJ didnt release album and do a lot of promotion as a group in Korea, he's still doing Radio Star, while also joined other show in KBS, called Mamma Mia. Sadly he's only there for 6 months or so bcs of the schedule. He continud playing in musical ( casted again in the re production of his old musical ) and received the popularity award in the musical award


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    Thats basically the rough journey of him, if you still want more, just contact me and I'll tell you more.

    oh and watch this to help you understand his journey.


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  • Correction: Roufiel, his nickname is fish because his name literally means East Sea.........

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