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What do I put on my gauges to make them go in faster?

I started with 12 and now Im on to 10 and it's really hurting to get the 10 sized in gauges in my ear lobe. What do I put onto my gauges to get them in faster ? Please I want them to go right in xc

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    if its hurting that means you are streching to fast and you need to let them heal longer =)

    how ever once they are fully heal, take some jojoba oil and massage your ear lobes with that and it should make your tappers slide in.

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    your either stretching to fast, or your not stretching right.

    make sure you use like some type of oil (stretching bomb, vitamin e, johobo or however you spell it).

    anyhow, you could buy heavy plugs like solid metal ones.

    i would just recommend waiting until your ears are ready for a stretch or else their really going to be messed up in larger sizes.

    Source(s): 10mm stretched ears.
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