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Not sure if i like him! plz help?!?

Umm this is my frnds account! i am a girl! I dnt have a yahoo id so...

k so the thing is that I have this friend who's soo sweet! And he understands me! I really started to think I like him! He's not at all cute Bt he's so sweet! I used to think about him 24*7 ! This was happening from last 4-5 days! Whenever I used to chat with him I felt like telling him this! And yesterday I finally told him! I specified m NT sure n I dnt wanna be in relationship or anything! I knw he doesnt like me and I dnt want him too! But now I have started feeling I never actually like him!? Why is this happening?! Why can't I jus decide properly! I mean I don't even stare at him or blush while talking to him! I jus don't know what to do! :(

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    He sounds like the really good brotherly type. You shouldnt have told him, but now its something you can laugh about. Usually those types of things blow over very quickly as long as you dont pursue the situation.

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